The LCI provides personal understand of our unique learning pattern and enables us to explain our function to others. it provides information for enhanced personal action and more effective team work.

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Who Should be Using the LCI

  • Professionals
    • The LCI can be used to increase your competitive advantage by enhancing communications, helping to put the right people in the right positions, and increasing morale by reducing friction in the workplace.
  • Job Seekers
    • The LCI can help to refine your job search by providing details on how you learn and what occupations may be a natural fit for your learning patterns.
  • School Administration
    • The LCI can be used to better understand the learning patterns of your faculty and staff, the natural way in which they teach, and how the curriculum will be implemented.
  • Guidance Counselors
    • The LCI can be used to help students select a college major or career direction based on learning patterns as well as answer questions of academic success in the classroom.
  • College Freshman Experience
    • The LCI can be used to start a dialogue with students about their personal learning patterns and how to use those patterns with intention to be academically successful and using the LCI to decode the upcoming challenges in the classroom.
  • Student Services & Academic Support
    • The LCI can be used to help the Individual student as a part of a plan to remedy academic failure and create strategies for academic success. The LCI can also be used in correlation research to analyze if there are any commonalities in academic probation or dismissal with learning patterns.
  • Special Education
    • The LCI can be used as part of the referral process to see if there is and conflict between student learning patterns and the curriculum requirements.
  • Teachers
    • The LCI can be used to help teachers better understand the students they work with every day and be better able to communicate the needs of the classroom and create learning strategies.
  • Parents
    • The LCI can be used to answer important questions. Whether struggling in school or in relationships with parents or siblings, the LCI can be a starting point for discussing differences in the way we learn and function.
  • Home Schoolers
    • The LCI can be used to lay the foundation of the teaching and learning activities to assist in the home school curriculum. The LCI also paves the path for strengthening relationships within the family unit.
  • Researchers
    • The LCI can be used to complete research in varying learning venues. Past research implementing the LCI includes academic probation & dismissal, special education, teambuilding, writing & comprehension, visual displays, and much more…
  • Human Resources
    • The LCI can be used to support job training, team dynamics, job performance analysis, and inter-departmental communications.
  • Tutoring Services
    • The LCI can be used as the first step in understanding a student’s potential learning conflicts, help build learning strategies, and build rapport.