What suprised me most was quickly people get it. LCR staff translates complex concepts about theory into understand, even enjoyable excercises in learning more about ourselves, More importantly, they gave us a means by which we can apply that self awarness in productive ways.

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About Us

Connect Your Learning

Learning is the process of connecting our experiences with the challenges that confront us in our daily lives. The awareness of our mental processes is central for enhancing our understanding of ourselves, others, and the systems we work, live, and play in.

Learning Connections Inventory

The Learning Connections Inventory© (LCI) is a statistically valid and reliable instrument that measures the degree to which a person uses four interactive patterns of learning and operation. The LCI reveals the level at which one seeks:

  • Sequence — Order, planning & organization
  • Precision — Accuracy, detail & information
  • Technical Processing — Problem solving, relevance & autonomy
  • Confluence — Ideas, uniqueness & expression

Learning Patterns

Each person owns a unique combination of naturally occurring Learning Patterns. These patterns are the foundation of how we internalize information and externalize our communication and operations.

Pattern Awareness

It is the awareness of learning patterns that starts the process of:

  • Making connections with our own and others learning experiences
  • Developing insights into strategizing, problem solving, and overcoming challenges
  • Enhancing relations with family, colleagues, students and teachers.

Problems We Solve

In many experiences and situations inside and outside of the classroom, an information recipient’s internal mind-brain connection (software package) is not naturally compatible with how information is presented.  As enhanced learning continues to be a priority to meet the challenges of the 21st century, our theory is that recognition and application of how information is formatted, transferred, and processed is at the core of learning achievement and success.  The LCI is the tool used to provide a vocabulary of how each individual processes information and how to decode assignments and responsibilities.

Solutions in Education

Learning Connections Resources can provide you the tools essential to discover and understand learning processes in the K-12, Higher, and Adult Education arenas.  The LCI empowers the individual learner by employing and facilitating:

  • A common vocabulary to explain how learning works within you
  • A framework to help you use your mental processes with intention
  • A means for developing personal learning strategies at work, home, or in school
  • The tools to move students from “at risk” to “on guard”

Solutions at Work

Simply stated…what is your competitive advantage?  No matter what the industry or service, the most important resource for any organization is the human resource.  Learning Connections Resources can support your organization in achieving exceptional performance and help your personnel to:

  • Improve communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost morale
  • Understand the learning processes of team members
  • Innovate job re-training
  • Re-engineer leadership from controlling to empowering
  • Respect and use diversity